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PACKMAT EQUIPMENT does not conceive any license or part of content, nor any rights other than consulting the web site and use its services. The presentation and content of the web site constitute an overall work that is protected by the intellectual property right. 
Unless mentioned otherwise, the intellectual properties rights on the documents and other data contained in the website and every elements included (animated or not images,  illustrations, pictures, sounds, know-hows, text, publicity documentations, graphic elements,…) are the exclusive property of PACKMAT EQUIPMENT or of any partner that consented the usage rights to PACKMAT EQUIPEMENT (hereafter the « Content »). 
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Therefore, any unauthorized exploitation of the web site or its Content and its disclosed information, without the written consent of PACKMAT EQUIPMENT, will engage the user’s responsibility and will be sanctioned by the Intellectual property code. The user must acknowledge that any violation of these rights constitutes a prejudice to PACKMAT EQUIPMENT and its image. 
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PACKMAT EQUIPMENT cares about sharing the highest quality information on the Site « ». Meanwhile, PACKMAT EQUIPMENT cannot absolutely guarantee the exactitude of the overall information on the Site. PACKMAT EQUIPMENT has the right to make corrections on these informations as soon as it is brought to their attention that some information needs to be corrected. Information and documents on the Site can be modified and/or updated at any moment. In particular, documents could have been updated between the moment they were downloaded and the moment the user will acknowledge the information.  PACKMAT EQUIPMENT cannot be held responsible of any prejudice, directly on indirectly, of any information from its Site not used correctly. Any link created toward the website must also be approved by written consent from PACKMAT EQUIPMENT, and can be revoked at any moment at its discretion. The Site can also contain hypertext links towards other private or public websites. Since PACKMAT EQUIPMENT has no control on these websites, PACKMAT EQUPMENT cannot be held responsible of these sites content, data transmission, cookies installation and personal data transmission. PACKMAT EQUIPMENT will not be held responsible for any losses or damages related with the consulting of these sites. 

Site access

PACKMAT EQUIPMENT works hard to permit the web site access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless of an unexpected event out of PACKMAT EQUIPMENT’s control, like electricity loss or maintenance related work on the website. PACKMAT EQUIPMENT cannot be held responsible if the website is not accessible for the mentioned reasons. 

Modification conditions d’utilisation

PACKMAT EQUIPMENT reserves the right to modify, at any moment and without warning, the current website general usage conditions in order to adapt them to the evolution of the website. The user agrees to consult them at every new connection. 

Applicable laws

These general terms and conditions of usage fall under the Canadian laws.

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